Past #

I have a degree in design and production of radio electronic equipment.

I also graduated from MSU as a professional photojournalist.

But I think it all began around ‘84 when I could barely walk and found my fathers toolbox and picked a screwdriver as my favorite tool. Also its my first uttered word at that time.

It was slotted 0.6x3.5 mm. And since then I’d been disassembling all the things around me, most of the time without possibility to recover its original state. But things changed over time, I got some experience and started to assemble them back more often.

Got my first PC around ‘89. In ‘96 I was already on Linux (Slackware it was). Around that time photography came into play and since then I never stopped making pictures. Wrote my first program in VB with UI at age of 13. Around that time I became curious about C and C++ which pretty much determined my whole future in the industry. Also deep dove into reverse engineering of everything.

I spent 6 years developing professional GNSS, multi system, multi channel devices. I mostly used C and C++ with a small mix of ARM assembly. These years was definitely the ones which makes a great engineer of you and they did of me, as i believe. I have worked with great engineers from whom I learned a lot.

Got luckily hired to Qik and moved all the journey to Microsoft. Oh well, it’s in my profile on LI.

Present #

I like to solve engineering problems and puzzles with what ever tools I have for it. There are good tools and bad ones and it’s a challenge to pick the right one.

In my free time I’m all into radio-electronics, photography, making different stuff with my hands, car repair, different kind of wood and metal work and what’s not.

Future #

Look for something interesting and exciting.